OnDemand Help

What is FlightView OnDemand?

FlightView OnDemand works with many scheduling software programs that smaller ground transportation operators use to keep track of flight information. OnDemand offers the same high quality FlightView XML data that keeps operators up to date, and removes the restriction of having to pay for unlimited access.

Different price packages are available so that operators can choose how many query credits they get to to fit their needs. Credits are purchased online by logging in to the OnDemand website and choosing from one of the packages. All payments are made using PayPal.

What do I need to create an account?

You'll need a PayPal account if you don't already have one, and FlightView will need some information to identify you and your business. You can create a PayPal account on PayPal's website.

At the end of the account creation process an OnDemand account name will be generated and sent to the primary email address provided to us. This account name will be used with the scheduling software program you use to unlock access to flight data.

How do I make payments once I have an account set up?

Payments can only be made by logging into the OnDemand website using either your primary email address or your account name, and your password. After logging in there will be PayPal payment links that you can choose from. Clicking one of these links will lead you to PayPal's site to actually perform the payment.

After completing a purchase it usually takes up to a minute for our system to receive information from PayPal, and when we do your account will be automatically updated.

What are the payment packages that you have?

We have three packages available.

  • $9.95 - 50 query credits, expiring after 90 days
  • $29.95 - 200 query credits, expiring after 90 days
  • $59.95 - 500 query credits, expiring after 90 days

Query credits are charged for the following types of queries:

  • One credit is charged for each airport-pair query, which displays all the flights scheduled or in-air between two airports.
  • One credit is charged for each verification query, which queries the flight schedule before the flight takes off.
  • Only one credit is charged for all queries made for a single flight over a 10-hour period after it takes off. (The number of queries for this flight is not limited, but is suggested no more than every 3 minutes).

Query credits can accrue if the expiration date is reached and you haven't used them up. Just purchase another package and they'll roll over.

I'd like to view the license agreement...

Click here. You'll need to turn any pop-up blockers off.

The license agreement is also displayed on the first page of the account setup process.

I have a question not already answered here... what do I do?

FlightView offers email support available during regular business hours in Eastern Standard Time. Any questions or issues can be addressed by contacting the OnDemand Support team at